John Sanderson, MC, LMT,
Principal Consultant 

John Sanderson brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, compassion, expertise, humor and sensitivity gleaned from over 40 years experience as a counselor, educator and massage therapist to facilitate your wellbeing. 

Trained as a counselor since 1974, Certified in Zero Balancing in 1984, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine on Maui from 1985 to 1986.   He has taught hundreds of students Massage therapy for the past 29 years in the school he founded in 1988:  Maui Academy of Healing Arts.

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Mobilize your sensory based insights to realize and maintain healthy changes. 

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Call  or text 808 280-7348 to book your session today

in Kihei at 886 Mahealani Street.

Fees will be determined at time of booking and are based on length of session and type of work done.

John Sanderson, MC, LMT

Principal Consultant

     Email:            808-280-7348