Apprenticeship Programs 


Massage Apprenticeship  Program 


Under State of Hawaii laws*, and individual who has completed a minimum of 150 total hours of training with 50 hours of classroom work in anatomy, physiology and structural kinesiology and 100 hours massage theory and practice at an approved school, he/she may apply to complete an additional minimum training of 420 hours under the supervision of an approved licensed State of Hawaii massage therapist (MAT) who has held a massage license for a minimum of three years.  This practical training must take place at a licensed massage establishment (MAE) under the direct supervision of a Board of Massage approved massage therapist.   


After completing a minimum of six months to a maximum of one year of documented supervision of hands on work of 310 hours with requirements in Clinical operations, 70 hours, and Advanced techniques, 40 hours, as well as documenting current CPR training from either the American Red Cross, or the American Heart Association, an individual will submit the “Application for Exam & Licensure-Massage Therapist” at least 45 days before the next scheduled Massage Therapist Licensing Exam. These exams are given four times a year on each island in March, June, October and December.  Exact dates and locations for these exams as well as the application can be obtained from the Board’s website at:  for further information, one can call the Board of Massage on Oahu at 808 586-2692. 



Individuals interested in applying for an massage apprenticeship with me should contact me via phone or text at 808 280-7348 or via email at  All training will take place at my home in north Kihei at 886 Mahealani  Street just off Pi’ilani highway and Kulanihakoi road.  My home has a dedicated lanai space for massage which is surrounded by beautiful native plants and is fenced for privacy. 

My massage establishment license (MAE 3350 listed under my business, San Corporation) is current until 6/30/20.  I will be renewing it along with my massage license (MAT 1617) at that time.  I have been licensed to practice massage here in Hawaii since 1985.  I bring over 40 years of experience in teaching and practicing massage as well as training and practice as a licensed counselor in California.  I started and successfully ran two massage schools:  one in Monterey California, the Monterey Institute of Touch, and the other:  Maui Academy of healing Arts from 1988 until I sold it in March of 2017.

Apprentice Training with John Sanderson MC LMT    

Each applicant will be considered on a individual basis  and will be required to provide written documentation

of all previous training at the time of our initial meeting.  Information regarding fees charged

and the benefits of doing apprenticeship training will be disclosed at that time.  

      Blessings and aloha, 

John Sanderson, MC, LMT 

Counselor, Consultant, Body Work Therapist
Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist, MAT 1617

Massage Establishment License #MAE 3350 under San Corporation